Centre for IT hosts New Zealand Information System Doctoral Consortium

The New Zealand Information Systems Doctoral Consortium was held at Massey University’s Albany campus this weekend.  A wide range of topics were covered by New Zealand’s current PhD students (see programme), ranging from big data to social issues in Information Systems.  More…


Students and Staff developing applications for electricty substations

A group of students are working with power company Electrix to develop an application which provides training and safety solutions for electricity substation operators.  This is part of the software engineering project that our undergraduates complete.

The students and Dr Teo Susnjak (paper coordinator) were kitted out in appropriate attire to visit a number of substations to study the problem space and analyze the requirements for the application.

Prof Paul Watters in the movies?

Professor Paul Watters is in Hong Kong this week to brief Senator Chris Dodd (head of the Motion Picture Association) and the heads of six Hollywood studios on his research into high risk advertisements on line in the Asia Pacific.  He will also meet with the Hong Kong Police to discuss the same topic.

Refactoring Coderetreats: In Search of Simple Design

Associate Professor David Parsons has published an article in InfoQ on code retreats, proposing some improvements to the traditional model of code retreats, based on research being undertaken in the Centre for Information Technology at Massey University.

You can read the article here and Dave’s blog on a range of topics relevant to IT (particularly in the context of NZ academia) can be found here.

Associate Professor Jens Dietrich presents a summary of developers’ views on Java libraries

Associate Professor gave a presentation to a group of enterprise developers at a recent Java Virtual Machine meet-ups in Melbourne and Brisbane recently, presenting the results of a survey on developers’ awareness of the subtle differences between source and binary compatibility between client programs and the libraries these programs use. The style of this survey is inspired by the book Java Puzzlers by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter.